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Strategies to Improve Team Collaboration

In a corporate environment, there are many different departments that come together to form a well-functioning organisation. Everyone has a part to play to ensure the success of the team. Everyone is unique in their own ways so when they come together in their strengths, they are able to produce great results and ideas.  So […]

11 Reasons That Hinder Effective Team Collaboration

Collaboration is a working practice whereby people cooperate to a typical reason to accomplish business advantage. It empowers people to cooperate and accomplish a common team goal.  In our current day and age, it is essential to collaborate in order to meet the ever increasing standards of organisational performance and goals. An organisation with effective […]

The Soft Skills that Musicians have that Employers want

In the study and practice of music, students learn way more than simply how to sing or play an instrument. Most of us may not become professional musicians as adults, but the benefits of practicing and performing music adds up to much more than just having it “just as a hobby.” Musicians benefit from a […]

The Importance of Corporate Team Building

  In this highly competitive business environment and constant changes companies and workers alike are constantly faced with, corporate must strategically turn to more effective ways to make sure that the workforce is sensitized and agile enough to undertake tasks as they get even more complex. This should serve not only as a means to […]

Enriching Team Music Lessons @ YMCA Orchard Learning Hub

Quarter notes, eighth notes, sharps, flats, G chord, C chord, F# minor7 chord, strumming patterns…… Learning music can be a daunting task –  there is just SO MUCH content to absorb! There are so many ways to learn it these days, and an even greater number of ways to teach it. As music coaches, it’s […]

Team Building Quotable Quotes

If you’re reading this, you probably know how important TEAMWORK is already. You probably already work in a team with others like yourself. But we all know it’s much easier said than done isn’t it? If you’ve been in some form of a team, you’d know that “Teamwork” isn’t just a word which sounds good […]

7 Benefits of Corporate Team Building

The term ‘Team-building’ is a highly popular keyword among corporate organisations. Over the years, businesses have strategically steered away from competitive work environments to workplaces where collaboration and cooperation between fellow co-workers are seen as key to success. Working well together is one of the most essential elements for maintaining a successful and efficient company, […]

Team Building vs Team Bonding: What’s the Difference

You mean they aren’t just different ways of saying the same thing? Planning the next set of corporate team building activities for your team? At first glance, many people might not realise that the terms “Team Building” and “Team Bonding” aren’t one and the same thing. We’d even dare to wager that many out there […]

Top 7 Teambuilding Activities for Youth

Top 7 Teambuilding Activities for Youth in Singapore Planning team bonding in Singapore for youth? It does not matter where you are planning team bonding activities for. All you need to know is one big keyword: ENERGY. Teambuilding activities are important in helping to develop meaningful relationships among youth. Youth are always looking for FUN, and […]

10 Quick, Fun, Do-It-Yourself Team Building Games

Corporately speaking, it is so important to have fun team building activities and games are such a powerful “commercial breaks” for teammates so that breathe out from the usual work routines and concentrate on what is most important to life and commercial success – RELATIONSHIPS!  Well, these are some quick, fun, DIY teambuilding activities for […]


  Have you ever been part of a high-performing team? Stepping into work is a breeze. Team meetings are fun and you look forward to it. Workloads don’t feel too heavy because you have teammates to back you up in every way they can. You come to love your work not just because of its […]

5 Ways to Foster Creativity in Your Workplace

Is creativity really vital at work? Or is it all just gravy on top of the more important qualities that an employee should basically have? You see, creativity is more than just art — painting, poetry, and the likes. Creativity is the ability to innovate, think outside the box, transcend traditional ways to create new […]

5 Employee Investments You Should Start Making This 2018

A smart leader knows that investing in human capital is a surefire way to an organisation’s sustainable success. The fact is that establishing a happy and contented workforce reduces the likelihood of turnover and increases the opportunity for growth and efficiency. So whether you’re leading a small team or a huge corporation, give your best […]

Fun Exercises to Impart the Benefits of Change

  Change is inevitable — a phrase we hear much too often that we sometimes forget its truest essence. It’s constant, yes. And regardless of what industry or how good an organisation’s performance has been in the past, change will always be an unavoidable factor. We’ve already heard this a dozen of times before. But […]

Unique Programs That Will Level Up Your Employees’ Skills

Are you searching for unique workshops and training programs that will help you equip your employees with new sets of skills? Do you want to take your employee’s capabilities up a notch through fun and engaging activities? In this article, we will help you stay away from those monotonic seminars that will only leave your […]

Ways to Hype Up Your Employees for Team Building

How often do you spot a naysayer when the topic of corporate team building activities come around? Rolling eyes are what you usually see and “It’s just a waste of time!” is what you often hear them say. There will always be at least one person in the group who doesn’t feel like team building […]

How to Find the Perfect Team Building Venue

The success of your corporate team building highly depends on the venue where it will be situated. If you fail to pick a good one, it is high likely that something will go wrong with your event. Imagine getting stressed out with scenarios like: Venue is unexpectedly too small to hold your participants. Or venue […]

Music That Binds – Team Music

With its brand of teambuilding, Team Music injects a newfound appreciation for organisational values through music-making. Founder and Corporate Band Coach of Team Music, Mr Daniel Kan firmly believes that beginners with no prior musical knowledge can play music so long as they enjoy it and use it for a greater purpose or goal like personal […]

Shake it Up: 5 Hacks to Breaking Monotony at Work

Whether you’re a working on a desk job or a field job, it can still get to a point when work will become routinary. Doing the same set of tasks, interacting with the same group of people, and seeing the same old tracks going to and from work—this can slowly make work uninteresting. Sounds scary? […]

8 Tips on How to Handle Conflicts at Work Effectively

In any group setting, it is inevitable that you will encounter clashing of divergent ideas. Afterall, as every individuals differ in characters, so as their views and opinions. As the head of the team, it is your job to step up and do something to resolve these kinds of conflicts. We agree when you say […]

A Special Case Study: “The Bridegroom Band”

Frankie was a BANDINC teambuilding client from Shell in 2017. Coincidentally, his colleagues in this video had just gone through BANDINC in Feb 2018 as well. Then came the idea of assembling Frankie’s Crew, a group of beginner and intermediate musicians, to be trained by Team Music to perform as the Bridegroom’s Band with a […]

Characteristics of an Effective Team Building Facilitator

Team building activities can be fun and rewarding at the same time. It can resolve conflicts, build stronger relationships amongst the participants, and open up sharing of ideas. That is if your corporate events are spearheaded by a good facilitator. But how do you know if the person handling your activity is a productive one? […]